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Video Oyunlarında Renkler Bölüm I

Colors not only determine our mood in daily life but also in games. So, which colors are selected for games and how? In this article, we will talk about 'Color Theory' and 'Color Schemes'.

Video Oyunlarında Renkler Bölüm II

As I mentioned at the end of the previous article, now I will explain to you how to use colors in "How to Use Colors".

Video Oyunlarında Renkler Son Bölüm

I will explain to you how to select colors, methods for creating color palettes, and programs you can use, and with the last article in the series, I will have finished the topic of 'Colors'.

Steampunk Nedir?

K.W. Jeter only wanted to use a similar title for his work due to his familiarity with Cyberpunk. However, Jeter didn't know that this term would be used indefinitely for all works dealing with this theme.

Bilimkurgu Nedir?

The phenomenon we call science fiction is not only literature, but it's actually a foundation that you can see in every corner of art.

Bilimkurgunun Temelleri Bölüm I

One of the things that needs to be known in the category we call science fiction is its foundations and themes. The topics addressed in written and visual works are generally written on a particular theme...

Bilimkurgunun Temelleri Bölüm II

In my first article, I explained the themes of science fiction to you and tried to elaborate on them as much as possible. Now, I will focus on one of the "cornerstones", which is "questions"...


The narrow streets illuminated by the lamps were filled with people trying to warm up under them. These people, who were trying to survive the cold of winter, were also trying to protect the places they had taken shelter in...

Dune Hiç Yazılmasaydı?

When Frank Herbert wrote the Dune series, it was the year 1965 AD, and above all else, he had published his book knowing or perhaps unknowingly that it would have an impact on the whole world.

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